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My husband-to-be was a graduate student at Brandeis; I wanted to be with him and to study literature there. They were those vivid kind of dreams in which you relive an event in your life--a party, an intimate encounter, a vacation--but, you know, in a more crazy, dreamy sort of way.

What surprised you the most during the writing process? John Jeremiah Sullivan can write. Tuck nice new voice of essays dealing mostly with the weirdness of low class usa.

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Pulphead: Essays

You'll want to take a road trip with him, just to hear his take on the vista. Keep an eye out for him on the web. Christopher Bundy I've been meaning to post about this smart collection of essays -- Pulphead -- from John Jeremiah Sullivan for some time but then I find and read another essay by him and would rather just read him than talk about him--I think I've finally exhausted what's available out there.

This year, and just in time for holiday gifts and small talk, John Jeremiah Sullivan has given us that book in Pulphead.

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Remember your senior year in college, what that was like?

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What I like most about this guy is that he isn't a sarcastic, cynical prick. He takes us to Indiana to investigate the formative years of Michael Jackson and Axl Rose and then to the Gulf Coast in the wake of Katrina—and back again as its residents confront the BP oil spill.

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Even when given the most potentially hackneyed of magazine assignments, the celebrity profile, he finds a new angle. If you are unsure about the meaning of any information provided please consult your financial or other professional adviser.

What else are you reading right now? When he saw the answer on my face, he led me to his green Cadillac, drove me to his bank, loaned me enough money to buy a plane ticket to Boston, and took me to the airport.

Pulphead gathers a diverse assortment of essays on various topics—each told with a generous consideration of the personalities involved, nothing harsh or mean-spirited.

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Wilmington's John Jeremiah Sullivan roughs it in Pulphead

Further information is available in the Prospectus or other constitutional document for each fund. Do friends leave phone messages for "John Jeremiah"? Hank Stuever No need to add much of a review, since Goodreaders have already done such a fine job of articulating Pulphead essays sullivan same thoughts I had while reading "Pulphead": Like l lukasevansherman Oct 01, A mostly strong, somewhat eclectic, purposefully idiosyncratic collection of essays from John Jeremiah Sullivan.

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I don't know where that essay about the 19th century botanist originated from, but the only link it has to anything else in the collection is that he is American. All the pieces bear a personal stamp, and some even constitute an autobiography of sorts. A day before classes were to begin, I received a wire from Brandeis University informing me that I had won a scholarship.

Gradually, a unifying narrative emerges, a story about this country that we've never heard told this way. It is your responsibility to be aware of and to observe all applicable laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdiction.So if you're skeptical about John Jeremiah Sullivan's "Pulphead" - if you want to sample its methods without spoiling any of its 14 essays - Google "A Rough Guide to Disney World." The first real.

John Jeremiah Sullivan is a contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine and the southern editor of The Paris Review. He writes for GQ, Harper's Magazine, and Oxford American, and is the author of Blood Horses and Pulphead.

Pulphead Essays. John Jeremiah Sullivan. FSG Originals. MORE ABOUT THIS BOOK. UPON THIS ROCK. It is wrong to boast, but in the beginning, my plan was perfect. A New York Times Notable Book for One of Entertainment Weekly's Top 10 Nonfiction Books of the Year A Time Magazine Top 10 Nonfiction book of A Boston Globe Best Nonfiction Book of One of Library Journal's Best Books of A sharp.

Get this from a library! Pulphead: essays. [John Jeremiah Sullivan] -- "A sharp-eyed, uniquely humane tour of America's cultural landscape--from high to low to lower than low--by the award-winning young star of the literary nonfiction world In Pulphead.

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Pulphead essays sullivan
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