Copyreading and headline writing activities

By evaluating the result of the physical fitness test, the teachers are expected to help them be physically fit. Game viewing for Sports Writing took place in Dalaguete Sports Complex in which the volleyball was the main event of the game.

Caloocan City Business High School

Writing headlines is one of the most difficult tasks a journalists takes on. Suzie trained Prescilla A. The quick lessons satiated our desire to have more of Korea. Setting foot into the bustling shopping district of Myeongdong is satisfying. Angelique Jenney of the Child Development Institute of Canada made a presentation directly influences the quality of Parental care.

The SLAC ended at five thirty in the afternoon. It is a joint project of the pupils, the teachers and the parents for the benefit of the school and the community.

The tradition continued year after year, as the number of member-schools increased, with different parts of Luzon as venues. Basic education aims to provide universal access to quality and relevant education through formal, non-formal and informal channels. What are some of the steps an editor should take to achieve clarity in writing?

The raising of banners was led by Dir. They should tell their family, friends and neighbors why mosquito breeding is bad and how they can help stop it. The most enthralling scenes in the island are the lanes of metasequoia and ginko trees, other rows of majestic green trees, roaming animals and various art exhibits.

Macalinao and Science Writing shared by Ms. Comply with necessary requirements. Only the female mosquitoes feed on blood, as they need the blood protein to lay their eggs.

The traps were monitored for a period of 6 days and the larvae were cleansed using boiling water. Mastery of the language -- from the rules of grammar and punctuation to the nuances of meaning -- is the basic skill necessary for good copyediting and headline writing.

The better way to teach journalism, particularly MDGs, is to train them to write for life.

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Pineda retired from the service in AprilDr. The Aedes mosquito lays its eggs in clean, stagnant water. Announcement of winners and distribution of certificates closed the workshop. Elements of Short Story a. This is a framework that establishes the competency standards of the teachers, learners and stakeholders.

During the lecture, the facilitators emphasized the importance of physical fitness.Mar 03,  · ‘And the winners for news writing ’ echoed the program hosts voices from Dumaguete City High School for elementary and the scenic Silliman University field for the secondary.

‘We came, we saw and we conquered’, to borrow Julius Caesar’s triumphant entry to each kingdom he subjugated.

This activity is for students practicing in using Copyreading symbols. Writing, fun activities & games, Elementary Find this Pin and more on English and Grammar Tips by Taylor Rees. Essay writing services offer by Essay Bureau is are much affordable that enables students acquire good grades.

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Activities during the training-workshop include lectures and contests for individual contests (newswriting, editorial writing, sportswriting, feature writing, editorial cartooning, photolayouting. The school’s representatives for the said event were immersed to both lectures and writeshops in all categories, namely, News Writing, Copyreading and Headline Writing, Feature Writing, Editorial Writing, Editorial Cartooning, Science and Technology Writing, Sports Writing, and Photojournalism.

Teaches Campus Journalism management, News writing, Feature Writing, Copyreading and Headline writing as well as serves as judge to various journalism contests all Title: PR Strategist for Global Startups .

Copyreading and headline writing activities
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